My Life Flashed Before My Eyes

The Last Five Years Of It Anyway

A few days ago marked the 5th Birthday of Instagram! Yes my friends, it’s been five wonderful years of selfies, filters, and double taps. I must confess that out of all the social media platforms, Instagram is my favorite. I love being able to express myself with photography and, through five years, Instagram has never lost focus on the visual. And it’s not just me. Five years after it’s launch, Instagram has grown to 80 million users all over the world.

Here’s a fun fact: the first photo ever posted on Instagram on October 6, 2010 was that of a dog and a foot (belonging to his owner?) waiting to get some tacos. It made me curious (and a little bit hungry). I asked, “What was my first Instagram Post?”

I opened my Instagram app and scrolled way, way, way, way down. As I did it, my life was flashing before my eyes. I realized that over the course of five years as @beycay13, I had been inadvertently documenting my life and making a living history.

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Lights, Camera, Action!

If It Were Only That Easy

Let me start by saying, I love what I do.

With that said, sometimes what I do is exhausting. It’s in the very nature of the world of Production. Early call times, long days, late nights (or never ending nights) to meet deadlines, heavy equipment cases to schlep around airports, so many details to keep organized… I mean, I’m down to my last ounce of Icy Hot because of shooting with a shoulder mount all day. Okay, it may seem like I’m complaining (okay, I guess I kind of am) but there’s a point.

When people find out what I do, most respond with, “Wow, that seems like so much fun!” And it is. But it’s a lot more than that. To have as much fun as any of us do in production we have to know and do whole lot of stuff. Because making what’s in front of the camera look good requires a whole lot of work behind the camera. A career in production demands a lifetime balancing act between technique and creativity. Most people only give credit to the fun, creative aspect of my job, but they don’t realize much actually goes into getting “the shot”.

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The Courage to be Public

A Look Back At Pride

It was June, 2011, and I was car-less. Which is why I was riding on the 35 LA Metro Bus eastbound on Washington Blvd toward the USC campus. A few days before, I had discovered that the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives was based here in Los Angeles, and I was excited to go explore.

Before I move forward, allow me to digress.

Growing up, I was witness to my dad’s love of history. At any given time there would be thick tomes piling up on the side table next to his recliner in the living room, and the History Channel was standard evening programing in our family. I also enjoyed history, but I think the inciting event that thrusted me toward appreciating the value and need for history was reading Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. His re-accounting of American history, not from the vantage of the winners but rather from the losers and the marginalized, left a profound impression on my adolescent mind.

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Harrison Ford and Chewbacca

My Kind of Throwback Thursday

I scroll through my Facebook feed and most days I see the same things; a car selfie, a cryptic emotional post, cat pictures and let’s not forget the, “oh look how this barista spelled my name on my latte cup” post. Thursdays are a little more interesting because it’s “Throwback Thursday” and people use it as a license to post embarrassing photos from the past. I’m guilty of this. I once posted a picture of my little sister and me hanging out on the porch in our underwear. I considered that #tbt gold.

But today, I had a bit of a different throwback thursday experience. Today a trailer teaser for the upcoming film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was released, and by golly, the nostalgic butterflies started to flutter in my stomach.

Yes, the trailer is for a NEW movie but the scenes revealed were so close to the look and feel of the original trilogy that I couldn’t tell the difference. Oh, and the part that delighted me the most? The last part of the trailer revealed Chewbacca and Han Solo. Chewbacca. Han Solo. Together. Again. Sweet Harrison Ford!

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We’re Almost 14 In Dog Years

The Adolescence Of A Company

The days’ hours of light are brief, and the scant remaining cycles of the sun and moon are steadily running out for 2014. I’m excited that these last few weeks of the year will be filled with warmth as I spend time with my loved ones. And as I’m often prone to do during this season, my mind has begun to wander down a hallway lined with thoughts of futures and pasts. 

Two thousand fourteen was an adolescent year for Blu Fable, and I mean that in the best possible way. On January 22nd we’ll celebrate our second anniversary as a company; and according to Cooper, our faithful dog intern, that means we’ll be 14 in dog years. While 2013 was a time of birth, regenesis, and searching for stability, 2014 was a time of exploration and searching for an identity.

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