This Is How You Teach!

If you’ve flown on Virgin America anytime during the last year, you’ve seen they’re new safety [dance] video (unless you’re in First Class, in which case, you’ve missed out!). The first time I saw the spot, I was 100% captivated; and in the dozen or so times I’ve been on a VX flight during the last year, my total, unashamed enjoyment of this video hasn’t waned in the least.

The VX Safety Dance accomplishes a goal that we often strive for here at Blu Fable. It tells a technical and usually boring story in a fresh way that entertains. And it does it without compromising the primary mission of the video - communicating all the safety information mandated by the FAA.


Blu Fable’s been lucky enough to have some similar projects. Over the last year and a half, we’ve produced over a dozen training videos for one of our corporate clients. You know the kind of video I’m talking about, the traditionally boring training videos that your job makes you watch every year about sexual harassment or export compliance. But, like the VX Safety Dance, we re-envisioned the dry, boring training video into a series of mini-mockumentary comedies. Also like the VX Safety Dance, we had to find the right balance between entertainment and education, and without trivializing some very important and sensitive topics. It was a challenge, but I think we accomplished it.


If you haven’t had a chance to see Virgin America’s Safety Dance video, check it out! And be sure to watch the Behind The Scenes as well.

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