Public Relations Video Series

Combating COVID-19 Through Public Policy

The main objective of ACT Against COVID, a consortium led by long-time client Quest Diagnostics, was to protect communities and save lives amidst the pandemic crisis by imparting vital medical knowledge and awareness. In order to combat COVID-19 effectively, ACT Against COVID had to emphasize the importance of continuous testing and diagnostics to public policy influencers. Furthermore, the consortium aimed to provide easy access to medical information and testing facilities for people from all walks of life, regardless of their location and demographics. This was to be accomplished through a series of informational videos featuring leading voices in local public health circles.

Project Summary

Continuing The Fight!

Our team successfully sourced and produced a series of six informative videos that emphasize the ongoing importance of COVID-19 testing. Each video showcases its own unique approach and tone, yet still remains cohesive as a group. In just seven days, we expertly filmed all six videos, covering two regions and conducting efficient interviews with fifteen subjects.

Strategizing & Creative Development

During our interviews with 15 individuals, including notable figures such as Shawn Townsend, former director of the Mayor’s Office of Nightlife and Cultural Affairs in Washington DC, and Akosua Ali, the President of the NAACP’s Washington DC branch, we gained valuable insights into various issues. Townsend emphasized the importance of education and outreach, while Ali reminded us that health is the cornerstone of everything we do. She urged us to embrace our health to build stronger communities and also provided us with information about the delayed effects of Covid-19. All of these insights were effectively portrayed in the six informative videos produced by Blu Fable.

Our Technical Expertise

Our team achieved great success in creating compelling, insightful, and credentialed messages to inform and influence public health influencers. The efficiency of our producing and project management allowed us to add an extra video into the project scope while still maintaining an exceptional level of production quality and staying within budget, giving our client an excellent return on investment. We also collaborated with an outside PR firm to secure interviews, collaboratively joining their search and network expertise with our messaging and technical complexity expertise. Our efforts were highly effective in achieving our client’s goals of fighting COVID-19 by providing medical knowledge and awareness to targeted and influential public policy decision-makers. We are proud to be a part of such an important project, and to have delivered such a successful outcome for a long-term client.

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A Risky Humble Brag

Forescout Technologies is a leading cybersecurity company who we’ve partnered with since 2015. When Forescout Labs was the first to discover a bundle of 33 new vulnerabilities affecting millions of connected devices in organizations worldwide, they brought Blu Fable into their circle of trust to help them prepare for the big announcement. 

In the cybersecurity world, being the first to discover such a massive threat is both a moment of prestige and responsibility. It can be a delicate balance, letting the world know that your team has the smartest engineers in the room, while also quickly sharing the information needed to protect critical worldwide infrastructure to the largest audience possible.

Project Summary

Building Reputation by leading Well

Having the reputation of being a good leader is what some would call Soft Power. In the right hands, it’s the leverage to open new opportunities, the edge to beat out the competition, and the value-add to command a premium price. 

So for this project, it was important that we struck the right balance of letting Forescout take credit where it was due, but not get in the way of sharing the right amount of information needed to convey the sense of urgency behind the announcement.

Be Smart AND Be Heard

For Forescout, being smart was the easy part. Making sure that they were also heard (e.g. understood) was our responsibility.

We knew that the audience for the video wasn’t fellow engineers and researchers, it was actually CTO’s and other C-suite executives. So the information had to be presented at a level that was easily accessible for them, and in a logical framework that retained their attention and inspired them to take action.

We developed a script and storyboard that took the viewer on a journey of awareness, alarm, confirmation that it applied to them, examples of potential scenarios to reinforce the relevant key information, helpful information of how to mitigate risks, and finally, a clear call-to-action for their next steps (which, of course, included further engagement with Forescout!).

Do The Work; Earn The Reward

In the weeks following the announcement of AMNESIA:33 and the release of the motion-graphics animated PSA we produced, the PR campaign was the most highly engaged earned media that Forescout had ever seen. 

We’re proud of the work we were able to produce for this long-time client, and glad they trusted us to be brought in under an NDA to work with their research department in the leadup to the release of this important public service announcement. It also opened the doors to work on several other communications projects for Forescout Labs, including white papers and executive presentations.

If you have a complex project that needs the right balance of technical information and nuanced messaging, let us know! We’d be happy to help.


Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health


Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

Griot Project: LA

Evoke change in the Los Angeles’ Black Queer Community

The Los Angeles Department of Mental Health, LGBTQIA2-S USCC Subcommittee’s quest was to educate and inform those in Los Angeles’ Black queer community of resources and mental health practices to better the community at heart by bringing awareness to the current resources available. Project Griot: LA needed to gather participants for an eight session  group discussion, representing a broad range of voices from the Black queer community, with the objective of strengthening bonds and building mental well-being of the community through shared lived experiences.

Project Summary

Taking The Lead

We knew this project was special from the start. Project Griot: LA aligned with our core values and our passion of making the world a more just and equitable place. Like with any project, we knew that we needed to deliver a quality service, not only to our client, but to the community we were hired to reach.

Proudly,  Blu Fable took on the role of being the prime vendor, recruiting two additional partners from within Los Angeles’ Black queer community. Throughout the course of the contract, we continued to hire additional support, and source services, directly from the community we were servicing.

Lived Experiences

Project Griot: LA examined several topics, such as faith, religion, identity, family dynamics, coming out, and mental well-being. We also gave special attention to  understanding trans-specific challenges through lived experiences from the cohort members.  

We instilled the authenticity of the eight sessions into a series of videos and a documentary short by letting the stories of our cohort members drive the creative process. By recording the group sessions, along with one-on-one interviews, we captured the voices of the participants who represented the Black queer community, successfully delivering lived experiences and wisdom that will open minds and hearts for future audiences.

“We need more of this”

The culmination of Project Griot: LA was a special event that was used to bring the community together, featuring panels of local luminaries, and the premier of the Project Griot: LA documentary. The event saw a tremendous turnout, with over 100+ attendees. 

We also delivered a final report documenting the project learnings, with the objective of future development for the community and recommendations for the Department of Mental Health. As many cohort members stated “We need more of this,” and we are honored to have been a part of this project. 

Project Griot: LA was a complete success, thanks to the help of so many cohort members, participants, and crew. We are honored to have captured their stories through the art of videography.

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Quest Diagnostics


Quest Diagnostics

Powering PossAbilities

Telling the REAL Story

Quest Diagnostics empowers patients and health care providers to take action, improving health outcomes through diagnostic insights. They also sponsor numerous programs that contribute to the health and well-being of people everywhere, like PossAbilities, a community outreach program operated by Loma Linda University Health. PossAbilities aims to give hope and direction for those with permanent physical disabilities by offering a wide range of supportive engagements through education, activities, community events, and direct services. They encourage their members to look beyond limitations, dream big, and chase after what’s possible.

Project Summary

Say No To Talking Heads!
We knew the best way for Quest Diagnostics to prove the powerful effect of their sponsorship would be to take them out of the story as much as possible. We knew the usual formula of corporate executive interviews describing the great things they do for the community would not do this story any justice.  For this story, we pushed to have the people impacted by those great things, speak for themselves.

Our mission was to create a series of videos that would highlight the PossAbilities program and its members. Over the course of a year, our crew got to know the PossAbilities community and we were so inspired. 

Impactful Stories
We met Zimri, who went through multiple amputations to stop the spread of meningitis and who is now a paratriathlete.

We met Alex, who had his leg amputated after a train accident and is now a Men’s Physique competitor.

We met Pam, who was fighting MS but is still thriving because of the sense of purpose and access to fitness that she got through PossAbilities.

We met David, who was shot and paralyzed when he was 17 but is now the Captain of the Rolling Bears Wheelchair Basketball Team.

We met Sheila, who has Sickle Cell Disease and found community through PossAbilities.

We met Lauren, a teen living with cerebral palsy and beauty pageant participant who got a cool mode of transport for her freshman year of high school.

We met Andre, who lost his leg during a snowboarding trip and is now a world-ranked triathlete and Paralympics hopeful.

Last but not least, we met the PossAbilities staff, who inspired us with their passion and their commitment to these members.

Big Stories Sometimes Tell Themselves, If You Let Them

Over the course of a year, we filmed the routines of these remarkable people. It was such a humbling and uplifting experience. We let them, through interviews and through dynamic activity, tell their own complete stories. We captured the raw emotion they have towards their disability but also the perseverance to be more and to do more. What we got in the end was a series of 8 videos that told the powerful stories of the Quest Diagnostics impact on the community. 

At Blu Fable, we strive to go further than just the mundane details. We want to tell BIG, IMPACTFUL stories and we are really proud of what we captured for Quest Diagnostics. 

If you have a corporate social responsibility program you’re proud of, let us know!
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Ethics and Compliance Series


Code of Conduct…
But make it

McAfee is one of the world’s leading independent cybersecurity companies. For companies like McAfee, it’s mission critical for employees to be very familiar with company policies and the laws & regulations that apply to them. Video is a great way to communicate this information but code of conduct training videos have earned a bad reputation because they are usually pretty dull. Watching unrealistically scripted depictions of black-and-white ethical situations isn’t very effective for training purposes. If you want your workforce to really retain the information, then the material must be truly engaging.

Project Summary

Pass the Popcorn!
When most employees get the notice that it’s time for their annual Ethics & Compliance training, the response isn’t usually, “Yes! Somebody make some popcorn! I’m ready to be entertained!” We knew we had an opportunity to take a fresh approach on this project and we set out to produce a “series” of workplace comedy short episodes that would be both entertaining to watch, as well as educational.

Our challenge was to create interesting and relatable characters, acting out ethically questionable workplace dilemmas which were also true-enough to life as to make them relevant and authentic, whilst subtly weaving in the core messages of the McAfee Ethics & Compliance code, AND make it a funny – but not at the expense of undermining or mocking the regulatory mandates being taught.

Creative Storytelling
We dove deep into their guidleines and envisioned how the characters would behave in many different Ethics & Compliance scenarios. Once we were fully able to understand our client’s world and its nuances, we created content that was fun and engaging and authentic to their brand.

Defining Success
We are really proud of the work we created for this project and honored to have been trusted to communicate really high-stakes messages to the workforce of one of the world’s most trusted security companies. The end product was a series of really engaging and entertaining videos that kept their employees focused on the training. The more memorable the videos, the more we believe the audience will retain. And while the main objective was training, we provided even more value by positively impacting their company culture and further defining their unique brand.

We love knowing there were McAfee employees laughing and enjoying their way through their ethics training. Some may have even made popcorn!

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