Public Relations Video Series

Combating COVID-19 Through Public Policy

The main objective of ACT Against COVID, a consortium led by long-time client Quest Diagnostics, was to protect communities and save lives amidst the pandemic crisis by imparting vital medical knowledge and awareness. In order to combat COVID-19 effectively, ACT Against COVID had to emphasize the importance of continuous testing and diagnostics to public policy influencers. Furthermore, the consortium aimed to provide easy access to medical information and testing facilities for people from all walks of life, regardless of their location and demographics. This was to be accomplished through a series of informational videos featuring leading voices in local public health circles.

Project Summary

Continuing The Fight!

Our team successfully sourced and produced a series of six informative videos that emphasize the ongoing importance of COVID-19 testing. Each video showcases its own unique approach and tone, yet still remains cohesive as a group. In just seven days, we expertly filmed all six videos, covering two regions and conducting efficient interviews with fifteen subjects.

Strategizing & Creative Development

During our interviews with 15 individuals, including notable figures such as Shawn Townsend, former director of the Mayor’s Office of Nightlife and Cultural Affairs in Washington DC, and Akosua Ali, the President of the NAACP’s Washington DC branch, we gained valuable insights into various issues. Townsend emphasized the importance of education and outreach, while Ali reminded us that health is the cornerstone of everything we do. She urged us to embrace our health to build stronger communities and also provided us with information about the delayed effects of Covid-19. All of these insights were effectively portrayed in the six informative videos produced by Blu Fable.

Our Technical Expertise

Our team achieved great success in creating compelling, insightful, and credentialed messages to inform and influence public health influencers. The efficiency of our producing and project management allowed us to add an extra video into the project scope while still maintaining an exceptional level of production quality and staying within budget, giving our client an excellent return on investment. We also collaborated with an outside PR firm to secure interviews, collaboratively joining their search and network expertise with our messaging and technical complexity expertise. Our efforts were highly effective in achieving our client’s goals of fighting COVID-19 by providing medical knowledge and awareness to targeted and influential public policy decision-makers. We are proud to be a part of such an important project, and to have delivered such a successful outcome for a long-term client.

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