Ethics and Compliance Series


Code of Conduct…
But make it

McAfee is one of the world’s leading independent cybersecurity companies. For companies like McAfee, it’s mission critical for employees to be very familiar with company policies and the laws & regulations that apply to them. Video is a great way to communicate this information but code of conduct training videos have earned a bad reputation because they are usually pretty dull. Watching unrealistically scripted depictions of black-and-white ethical situations isn’t very effective for training purposes. If you want your workforce to really retain the information, then the material must be truly engaging.

Project Summary

Pass the Popcorn!
When most employees get the notice that it’s time for their annual Ethics & Compliance training, the response isn’t usually, “Yes! Somebody make some popcorn! I’m ready to be entertained!” We knew we had an opportunity to take a fresh approach on this project and we set out to produce a “series” of workplace comedy short episodes that would be both entertaining to watch, as well as educational.

Our challenge was to create interesting and relatable characters, acting out ethically questionable workplace dilemmas which were also true-enough to life as to make them relevant and authentic, whilst subtly weaving in the core messages of the McAfee Ethics & Compliance code, AND make it a funny – but not at the expense of undermining or mocking the regulatory mandates being taught.

Creative Storytelling
We dove deep into their guidleines and envisioned how the characters would behave in many different Ethics & Compliance scenarios. Once we were fully able to understand our client’s world and its nuances, we created content that was fun and engaging and authentic to their brand.

Defining Success
We are really proud of the work we created for this project and honored to have been trusted to communicate really high-stakes messages to the workforce of one of the world’s most trusted security companies. The end product was a series of really engaging and entertaining videos that kept their employees focused on the training. The more memorable the videos, the more we believe the audience will retain. And while the main objective was training, we provided even more value by positively impacting their company culture and further defining their unique brand.

We love knowing there were McAfee employees laughing and enjoying their way through their ethics training. Some may have even made popcorn!

Do you have some boring material that you’d like to spice up? We can help! Give us a call and we’ll take you through, step-by-step, how to create exciting and engaging content.