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Powering PossAbilities

Telling the REAL Story

Quest Diagnostics empowers patients and health care providers to take action, improving health outcomes through diagnostic insights. They also sponsor numerous programs that contribute to the health and well-being of people everywhere, like PossAbilities, a community outreach program operated by Loma Linda University Health. PossAbilities aims to give hope and direction for those with permanent physical disabilities by offering a wide range of supportive engagements through education, activities, community events, and direct services. They encourage their members to look beyond limitations, dream big, and chase after what’s possible.

Project Summary

Say No To Talking Heads!
We knew the best way for Quest Diagnostics to prove the powerful effect of their sponsorship would be to take them out of the story as much as possible. We knew the usual formula of corporate executive interviews describing the great things they do for the community would not do this story any justice.  For this story, we pushed to have the people impacted by those great things, speak for themselves.

Our mission was to create a series of videos that would highlight the PossAbilities program and its members. Over the course of a year, our crew got to know the PossAbilities community and we were so inspired. 

Impactful Stories
We met Zimri, who went through multiple amputations to stop the spread of meningitis and who is now a paratriathlete.

We met Alex, who had his leg amputated after a train accident and is now a Men’s Physique competitor.

We met Pam, who was fighting MS but is still thriving because of the sense of purpose and access to fitness that she got through PossAbilities.

We met David, who was shot and paralyzed when he was 17 but is now the Captain of the Rolling Bears Wheelchair Basketball Team.

We met Sheila, who has Sickle Cell Disease and found community through PossAbilities.

We met Lauren, a teen living with cerebral palsy and beauty pageant participant who got a cool mode of transport for her freshman year of high school.

We met Andre, who lost his leg during a snowboarding trip and is now a world-ranked triathlete and Paralympics hopeful.

Last but not least, we met the PossAbilities staff, who inspired us with their passion and their commitment to these members.

Big Stories Sometimes Tell Themselves, If You Let Them

Over the course of a year, we filmed the routines of these remarkable people. It was such a humbling and uplifting experience. We let them, through interviews and through dynamic activity, tell their own complete stories. We captured the raw emotion they have towards their disability but also the perseverance to be more and to do more. What we got in the end was a series of 8 videos that told the powerful stories of the Quest Diagnostics impact on the community. 

At Blu Fable, we strive to go further than just the mundane details. We want to tell BIG, IMPACTFUL stories and we are really proud of what we captured for Quest Diagnostics. 

If you have a corporate social responsibility program you’re proud of, let us know!
We would love to help you get your BIG story out there.